Residential Program

We have a residential treatment and rehabilitation centre in Nayapati, Sundarijal, about 14 km from Kathmandu City. It has the capacity of accommodating 40 residents. We provide service to patients with psychotic disorders, mood and some neurotic disorders, and occasionally alcohol and drug addiction. Key elements to the service:

  • Short and long-term admission according to the nature of the illness.
  • Regular visit from a psychiatrist.
  • Occupational and vocational therapy activities.
  • Families are educated on their loved ones’ condition and are provided with emotional, practical and financial support to enable rehabilitation.
  • Follow-up of discharged patients through home visits and telephone contact. These keep us informed about the condition of the resident at home and prevent relapse through early support.

Day Centre Program

We run a day- care center in Katunje, Bhaktapur. A facility, open 5 days a week, where people with mental health problems can take part in a range of activities and outings to promote social and independent skills. Not only is this important to promote wellbeing and give structure to their day, it also shares the caring responsibility with families and makes it easier for the person with mental health problems to remain living at home. In addition, there is a monthly psychiatry check-up, where the patients are provided with required free medications.

This homely and friendly centre can be accessed by anyone diagnosed with mental illness.

Outreach Program

This program, consisting of clinics with checkups and free medicineson, draws on the resources of a team of psychiatrists, mental health nurses and social care staff. In many of the areas targeted mental health facilities did not exist. By going out to the community, it reduces the time between someone with mental health experiencing symptoms and receiving help. Even knowing there are doctors and medicines to help is an important first step.

A recent success story for Aasha Deep has been the organization of a monthly mental health clinic in Sindhupalchowk. Over a year there was a significant increase of attendees, suggesting an increase in dialogue on mental health in the local community was helping to breaking down stigma and myths. There will be five more clinics running imminently.

Family and Guardian Counselling

We conduct regular meetings for families of the affected people. These meetings are of two types: Meetings for families of residential patients, and Meetings for all the families using our other services.

The main purpose of the meetings is to:

  • provide moral support and share experience
  • provide counseling
  • raise awareness.

Family Welfare

Aasha Deep Nepal has a provision for supporting family members who are in financial need. The family welfare program supports fulfilling the basic and simple requirements of the family.

Public Awareness

We have conducted school mental health orientation sessions and clinics with checkups and free medicines in 72 districts out of 75 districts in Nepal.

Aasha Deep Nepal has also utilized a variety of media and conducted street plays and rallies to reach an even broader range of people within society


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