Impact Stories

About six years ago Shivaraj BK,30, of Shikarpur village of Udaypurdistrict was working as labor in Kathmandu and supporting his family of five back in the village. Sometimes around the year 2071 he stopped calling home and was out of contact from the family members. They started looking for him and was located at a geriatric home in Hetauda with the help of local police.

According to his family, Shivaraj was almost mute, aggressive and very solitary at the time family members found him at the geriatric home. They took him from Hetauda and admitted to a rehab center in Itahari with the little money they had. They spent lot more money in hope he’ll get better but against their hope his mental state was getting even worse every day. He was getting violent and unmanageable, his life, and that of family members’ and care takers’, was in danger. With no help to continue his treatment, his family decided to take him back to the village and put him in captivity at a cow shed at home. 

On Chaitra 8, 2073, Kantipur Daily published a news about his captivity due to mental illness and a grim looking picture of him in a small shed. The picture and his story touched all of us working at ADN and immediately contacted the publication to get his details. The newspaper provided us a link to a local community leader whom we contacted and arranged for his admission to our resident home at Nayapati, free of charges.

Shivaraj was admitted to Aashadeep Resident Center on Chaitra 13, 2073, exhausted, agitated, and secluded. He was housed in quarantine for three days with 24-hour staff supervision and preliminary mental state examination revealed he was suffering from schizophrenia.

After three days of quarantine he was moved to regular male ward and received psychiatric treatment, medication and various therapies that we provide to our resident members. It didn’t take much time to observe changes in Shivaraj with the help of our treatment plan, combination of psychiatric treatment, counselling support and therapies.

After five months of support, Shivaraj was discharged from the center and successfully integrated back into the society. Now, he is living with his family members in their village and we are very happy to continue supporting him with free medicine.

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